From The Vancouver Sun (February 22, 1994)

Vancouver writer Douglas Coupland is on the promo trail for his latest novel, Life After God.

The man responsible for popularizing his contemporaries in Generation X already has a two-page spread in the March issue of Vanity Fair that hit local newsstands yesterday.

His two-week American promotional tour kicked off last night with a party at the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. co-sponsored by The New Republic. Coupland writes articles for the magazine.

Meanwhile, back home, there's this really nasty rumor going around town that Coupland, spokesman for Gen-X, is really a baby boomer. This has come from a mis-reading of Library of Congress catalogue information printed across from the title page of Life After God. Somebody has decoded the cryptic info as birthdate 1954, which would make Coupland pushing 40.

His publishing company publicist assures us that Coupland was really born in 1961. And the kids he went to high school in West Van with would probably concur with that information.