Awards for The Coupland File


Thanks to the efforts of loyal Douglas Coupland fans out there, The Coupland File has been placed on POINTReview's collection of what they consider to be among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet. Plus their review has been published in a book called the World Wide Web Top 1000 in which they put in their review on this site. It's also a reviewed Magellan 4 Star Site, an Internet Underground 5 Star site and listed by the editors of The Coupland File was selected as the One Cool Thing for the One Useful Thing and One Cool Thing award on February 12, 1996, the Ground Zero Pick of the Day for February 14, 1996, the winner of the Stranger Than Fiction Best Site Award. for March 5, 1996, The 80s Server Totally Awesome! site of the day for July 23, 1996, the Netizen Site for the Day for December 28, 1996 and website of the week of August 4, 2000 by

This is a Top 5% Site! A Magellan 4 Star Site Ground Zero Pick of the Day Totally Awesome! site Stranger Than Fiction Best Site Award