The 50 Most Important People in Arts and Entertainment in Vancouver


From Vancouver Magazine (September 1999)

by Jim Sutherland

The best selling writer is tired of being called the voice of his generation, so let's make him the king of convergence. An Emily Carr phenom who received a one-man show at the VAG (vancouver art gallery) when he was just 26, he's published novels and essays at a book-a-year clip since the early '90s (Miss Wyoming, a novel, is due from Harper-Collins in December), coined such terms as Generation X, McJob and microserfs, consulted for clients ranging from Lego to Steven Spielberg and currently has no fewer than 5 of his novels and screenplays in various stages of film or TV development. And that's without even getting into the installation he's working on for the VAG's Out of this Century show this fall or the new furniture line he's designed, which will debut at the Milan Furniture Fair.