The irony board II


From New Republic (January 18, 1993)

by Douglas Coupland

A Continuing Story fo Words That Have Become 100% Ironic

Some (but not all) criteria:

Might an in-flight magazine use this word to describe its merchandize?
Might this word be located on a Steak Hut menu?
Might a Boca Raton realtor entice me using this word?
Might this word inhabit a backlit plexiglass sign on Route 35?
Might this word describe Lou Grant or Mary Richards?

The List

bonanza          chick            ciao             collector's item             

contemporary     crusty           curmudgeon       dig                          

exclusive        executive        gal              gruff                        

happening (adj.) juicy            komedy           krazy                        

kustom           luxurious        majestic         melting pot                  

millionaire      mouthwatering    natural          -oid                         

-o-rama          outraged         perky            pert                         

plush            privelege        regal            sanitized                    

shocked          sizzling         sleek            smorgasbord                  

snazzy           square           stud             succulent                    

tantalizing      trinkey          unique           verve                        

Bonus Party List:

Halston           Jerry           Liza              Martha                      

Mick              Ryan            Truman            Warren