Microserfs Translation


by Thomas E. Williams

The following contains the decoded text, by removing the vowels and mixing the two pages.

In the late 1970s, Patty Hearst, the 19 year old daughter of millionaire William Hearst, was held captive by the Symboneise Liberation Army. Early on, they made her send a ransom note on audio tape to her family. Later they brainwashed her into committing terrorist acts for the group.

Her ransom note is what is encoded on page 308 and 309.

Mom Dad I'm OK. I had a few scrapes and stuff but they washed them up and they're getting OK. And I caught a cold but they're giving me pills for it and stuff.
I'm not being starved or beaten or unnecessarily frightnend. I've heard some press reports and so I know that Steve and all the neighbors are OK and that no one was really hurt.
And I also know that the ASL members here are very upset about press distortions of what's been happening.
They have not been shooting down helicopters or shooting down innocent people in the streets.
I'm kept blindfolded I'm not gagged or anything and I'm comfortable.
And I think you can tell that I'm not really terrified or anything and that I'm OK.
I was very upset though to hear that police rushed in on that house in Oakland and I was really glad that I wasn't there and I would appreciate it if every one would just calm down and try not to find me and not be making identifications because they are not only endangering me but endangering themselves.
I'm with a combat unit that's armed with automatic weapons and there's also a medical team here and there is no way I will be released until they let me so it won't do any good for somebody to come in here and get me out by force.
These people aren't just a bunch of nuts. They've been really honest with me but they are perfectly willing to die for what they are doing.
And I want to get out of here but the only way I'm going to is if we do it their way. And I just hope that you'll do what they say, Dad, and just do it quickly.
I've been stopping and starting this tape myself so that I can collect my thoughts. That's why there are so many stops on it.
I'm not being forced to say any of this. I think it's really important that you take their requests very seriously about not arresting any other ASL members and about following their good faith request to the letter.
I just want to get out of here and see everyone again and be back with Steve.
The ASL is very interested in seeing how you're taking this Dad and they want to make sure that you are really serious and listening to what they are saying.
And they think that you've been taking this whole thing a lot more seriously than the police and the FBI and other people. Or at least I am.
It's really upto you to make sure that these people don't jeopardize my life by charging in and doing stupid things and I hope that you will make sure they don't do anything else like that Oakland house business.
The SAL people really have been honest with me and I really mean I feel pretty sure that I m going to get out of here if everything goes the way they want it to.
And I think that you should feel the way too and try not to worry so much I mean I know it's hard but I heard Mom was really upset and that everybody was at home. I hope
a i u ou a i e i a ea e o a ou o a I ea a a I.
I u o e a I a e a o e e o ea oo.

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