Gen X Option Cut Some Slack


From Hollywood Reporter (February 28, 2001)

by Chris Gardner

The novel that first defined the 1990s slacker era is being prepped for the big screen.

Chris and Roberta Hanley of Muse Prods, and Roberto Sulichen of Blacklist Prods, which is co-owned by Muse, have optioned the feature film rights for one year to Douglas Coupland's first novel, "Generation X Tales for an Accelerated Culture."

The producers hope to have the film in production by late fall or early next year. The deal, for which terms were not available, also includes ancillary rights. If a film gets made, Coupland stands to make low- to mid-six figures.

"Generation X" centers on a group of twentysomethings who live in Palm Springs and are overeducated for their jobs, leading to a disillusioned view of corporate culture. To entertain themselves, they often tell wild stories to each other, like fantasies of nuclear Armageddon.

"Generation X," first published in 1991 by St. Martin's Press, quickly became a catch phrase and a sort of cultural guide to the generation.

The success of "Generation X" propelled Coupland into the spotlight and paved the way for his later works, a total of nine novels since 1991. Coupland's "Girlfriend in a Coma" is being developed by New Line Television, and his "Shampoo Planet" is being developed jointly by John Malkovich's company, Mr. Mudd, Studios USA and Granada Entertainment for CBS (HR 11/19).

The "Generation X" deal was brokered by attorney Phillip Rosen for Muse and Blacklist. United Talent Agency repped Coupland in the deal.

Muse Prods.' feature producing credits include "American Psycho," "The Virgin Suicides," "Buffalo '66," "Freeway" and "Two Girls and a Guy."