Honkworm Taps Techno-culture Legend Douglas Coupland


From Honkworm (February 18, 2000)

February 18, 2000

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Coupland Joins Leading Web Entertainment Creator As Advisor And Creative Partner

Seattle, WA - Honkworm International, the leading producer of original entertainment for the web, continues to attract brand-name creators to its team with the addition of author and pop-culture icon, Douglas Coupland.

Coupland, who defined a generation in his best seller Generation X, joins Honkworm International as part of the company's ongoing mission to bring together innovators in storytelling from an array of media and backgrounds to define and lead this new entertainment venue.

Coupland will work closely with Honkworm International's VP of Content, Chris Cobb, to advise and develop future series for the studio, with plans for co-production of content between Coupland and Honkworm. "Doug is an inspiration, constantly re-inventing what he does - not just as a writer of novels but as a strong creator in many different media. I can't think of a better talent to come on board to help us define quality content for a brand new industry," says Honkworm CEO, Founder and Chairman, Johan Liedgren.

Matching tech with culture, Coupland chronicled the "aimless" in Generation X (1991) and the "gifted and geeky" in Microserfs (1995). Honkworm's property, Siliconites, reflects this sensibility by exploring thoughts and dreams of this quirky sub-group in its long hard look at the 30-something culture of the wired generation. (www.honkworm.com/examples.htm)

Douglas Coupland is a Canadian novelist, essayist, and critic of both pop and art culture. He was born on December 30, 1961 on a Canadian Armed Forces base in Baden-Söllingen, (West) Germany. He has a degree in Japanese Business Science and in Sculpture. He grew up and lives in Vancouver, Canada. His seven books, including Generation X (1991), Life After God (1993), Girlfriend in a Coma (1998) and Miss Wyoming (2000) have been published in twenty-four languages. Since 1992, Coupland has contributed heavily to The New York Times, The New Republic, and Wired. Coupland's "world's best author site" can be found at: www.coupland.com.

Honkworm is an industry leader in the creation of original on line programming. The company has produced several popular series such as "Fishbar," "Siliconites," and "Fatman," all of which have garnered an international cult following among Web users as well as the endorsement of traditional media companies like MTV and Fox Television.

Honkworm licenses shows and characters to web sites looking to attract new and repeat visitors, as well as to traditional media companies that are seeking unique and fresh content. With waning interest in banner ads, advertisers are looking to Honkworm's model of licensing flexible programming content - where message, commerce, and entertainment can become one in order to grab a generation of web users who only click on what they really want to watch. Honkworm has licensed content to clients including Budweiser, Snap.com, Yahoo, Macromedia, MTV Networks, Fox Television, Nike, Excite, Lucent, Gibson Greetings, Playboy, and RealNetworks. The company is located at 210 - 3rd Avenue South, Suite 3A, Seattle, Washington 98104. Telephone is (206) 748-7730 and e-mail is: info@honkworm.com. Honkworm is located on the Internet at: www.honkworm.com.