Book Review


From Los Angeles Times (January 2, 2000)

by Susan Salter Reynolds

Susan and John make sense even though they are actors. Susan's career (which began with beauty pageants and one of those mothers who put 9-year-olds on diets because by God they are going to make it even it's only on their looks; Mommy could get out of the Ozarks only by marrying an abusive boor) is in the doldrums, but she was famous enough once to have fans who love her for her camp appeal.

The only survivor of a terrible plane crash she rather hazily wandered away from, Susan spent a year hiding from her own identity and having a baby before returning to L.A. John, rich-kid son of pesticide magnates, had a Hollywood breakdown after almost dying and decided to give everything he ever owned, as well as the proceeds from his hit movie, "Mega Force," away and change his life. Under mystical circumstances, he falls in love with Susan and spends the course of the novel trying to get to her.