Computers and humans share an intimate link


From USA Today (July 6, 1995)

In Microserfs, computers serve a dual function: to distance humans from each other and bring them together. Asked about the ambivalent image of technology in his novel, Douglas Coupland emphasizes how intimately all technology is tied to human consciousness:

"It always surprises me that people think of technology or machines as being something that is not human. Personal computers are as much a part of humanity as a nest is to a bird. UFOs did not come down to Earth and make computers for us - we made them ourselves. Therefore, whatever we put on to them can only ever be a reflection of who we are at deep and superficial levels. They're just complex tools, and they can amplify who you are.

"What would I have been like 1,000 years ago, without a steady dose of pop culture and technology? We should all ask ourselves that: How does technology allow you to be a version of you that you otherwise wouldn't have been?"