Review of Microserfs


From Library Journal

The fun in this abridged audiobook is in the author's (Life After God, Audio Reviews, LJ 6/1/94) penchant for linking together strings of descriptive 1990s pop culture icons and cyberterms in single sentences. For instance, a road is a "beautifully landscaped four-lane corridor of fast food franchises and metallically skinned tech headquarters." But at the same time, the listener all too soon senses a techie sitting at his computer terminal spewing stream-of-consciousness lingo through his word processor and calling it a novel. Whether it is due to overediting by the abridger or poor writing, there is, essentially, no plot. Well, brother Jed drowns in a flashback, Dad gets fired, and Mom has a stroke, but these human elements are injected in an embarrassingly mawkish way. It is also interesting to note how the hard edge in narrator Matthew Perry's voice goes soft in these scenes. The novel was originally serialized in Wired. Purchase only where the author has a large following.-Mark Pumphrey, Polk Cty. P.L., Columbus, N.C.