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From jetzt, the youth magazine of Süddeutsche Zeitung (October 6, 2000)

by Senka Behremovic

Ticket to Happiness Remembering the late Seventies: Douglas Coupland's exclusive new short story on

Tuning into the vibes of youth culture, creating a feeling of historical present tense: That's what Canadian writer Douglas Coupland ("Generation X"), is best known for. In Germany, he has discovered a young, cutting-edge magazine with similar objectives, and he kind of likes the people there: "jetzt", the weekly supplement of leading newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. So, Coupland chose to publish his new short story "Lotto" exclusively in the German mag - but at the same time, his worldwide fan community is not excluded. At, the full story is available in it's English original - and it marks a departure for the writer. We can guess that the narrator's experience is not too far from Coupland's own upbringing: Living with his parents in the late Seventies, he sports a feathery Van-Halen-Hairdo, wears Adidas sneakers and drives a rusty Rabbit. All is well in suburban family life, until the morning when Dad returns from the 7-Eleven, a winning lottery ticket in hand... Life, of course, will never be the same after that. ***********************************************
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